Are you planning to construct a new office building, revitalise or renovate an old one? Are you looking for a solution which fits in every way and which covers everything in terms of use, profitability and value preservation?

Konoa develops the perfect responses which constitute the true factors of success for the challenges posed by acoustics, climate, light, space and design. This is the way to create cost-effective spaces and improvements for users that can be perceived with every sense – and clear added value for planners and investors.

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The art of omission

Special Konoa solutions

Companies are constantly changing but office space based on conventional construction methods and concepts remains rigid and flexible. That’s because the necessary reconstruction measures – perhaps to accommodate more employees or set up new departments – cost too much time and money. Konoa Building Solutions prove that it’s quite easy to get around this problem. Instead of solidly fixed walls you get wide, transparent spaces and a work environment which fits your needs and users: quiet, neatly arranged, comfortable, flexible – and best of all cost effective as well. These modular concepts increase motivation and lower the costs per workplace significantly.

Best offices at the best price

General efficiency problems

Office properties, whether newly built, renovated or revitalised, have to look good in every respect. First this concerns the numbers – to ensure competitiveness and profitability. Then they need to score points in terms of architecture, appearance and function.

Nothing but plasterboard walls inside?

General efficiency problems

This is frequently considered on the outside and then forgotten on the inside, where typical plasterboard walls are still viewed as the benchmark, regardless of the fact that this type of wall brings serious disadvantages with it: small offices, dark corridors, poor lighting and atmosphere. This makes rooms less appealing, working in them less pleasant and less flexible. The result is a property which is less attractive in general.

Our services

The Konoa Concepts services

  • Property consulting
  • Calculations
  • Project implementation
  • Land development
  • Project planning


Thinking from start to finish


In our CONCEPT area of competence, we work with you to answer all of your critical questions in order to get the most out of your property. What needs do I have in the first place? How is my profitability? Who will guarantee that I will get what I ordered? 

KONOA gives answers, develops ideas and works with you to implement solutions so that you’ll see results which will thrill you. 

Our key to doing this is called the KONOA®CONCEPT.

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Interior Design line

Interior Design

Office real estate has to fit: into its surroundings, into the market and into your budget. But what about how people feel in the building? What about the impression it makes, its design, its user-friendliness? There’s no question that soft factors like these have as much impact on the long-term success of a building as hard facts.

We combine both aspects with a lot of experience, a profound understanding of the field and highly effective products. That’s how we turn resounding problem zones into beautiful, motivating office landscapes with ambiance free of stress and noise. Simultaneously lowering costs and increasing the (design) quality – that’s the core business of Konoa Interior.

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