The concert hall is one of the few exceptions; otherwise the rule is: more people and larger spaces = more stress. Higher decibel levels demand more effort to communicate, so less is understood and the quality of the work suffers. Even the “normal noise” of a typical office volume level of 70 dB (for comparison, consider that a jackhammer works at about 100 dB) steals energy and concentration. What can be done about it? Listen to Konoa!

We ensure that people can work closely without acoustically drowning each other out with extension systems for the walls and ceilings which arrange rooms without separating them and effectively absorb sound, granting office spaces quality and tranquillity.

Our acoustic products have to be seen and heard

Acoustic solutions

Discover our acoustic solutions for your office space here. They’ll give you and your work more room, tranquillity and pleasure. And they’ll lower your costs significantly.

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