The office climate of the future: comfortable, refreshing and cool to warm

The indoor climate is invisible but it plays a crucial role in the quality of office real estate. It’s no secret people work more comfortably in healthy air and a comfortable indoor climate. That makes it all the more surprising that climate issues continue to play such a subordinate role in office design. There is a study proving that air conditioning and inappropriate room temperature are the subject of more than 30% of complaints--the highest category--about work disruptions in the workplace. Konoa Building develops solutions which create climates of well-being free of draughts and stuffiness, in addition to good acoustics. Their affordability also leaves room to breathe easily, because our climate solutions are integral elements whose modular construction makes it easy to incorporate them into the KONOA acoustic structures. This saves time, money and space.

A good climate

Climate solutions

Another focus of our work is the climate. Come back soon to see the products we offer to help your employees keep their cool.

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