Oversee everything without overlooking anything: that’s our approach to developing office real estate, which is set apart by strong user value, high-quality workspace and healthy returns. With plenty of commitment and experience, our specialists find the common denominator behind differing requirements (e.g. cutting costs, maximising comfort) and differing interests (e.g. those of architects, planners, users and investors) – within the scope of integral building concepts which consider and reflect all aspects of the project from the construction physics to the economics to the psychological.

How to turn four walls into a net income area

Special Konoa solutions

You start with a simple, large space and complex requirements. We turn this into a motivating, performance-enhancing work environment. Economic and atmospheric added value is achived through precise calculation, tried and tested materials and intelligent space management.

Creating intrinsic value

Property consulting

Office real estate is also influenced by the spirit of the times – which is nowadays focused on reduction: open spaces, glass facades, cement and steel create a purist, open atmosphere. However, the right form does not ensure the right function: that is, a work environment which eliminates disruptions and appeals in terms of light, air and interior design.

This is a task handled by Konoa. Our in-house experts analyse, assess, plan and accompany commercial interior construction projects through to completion. Highly efficient full service to make your existing real estate ready for the future. For optimal use of the space under optimal conditions.

Core questions

Land development

What users and companies absolutely want to know

  • What potential does my real estate or my space offer in general?
  • Is there reserve potential should my company grow or change?
  • How many workplaces can I reasonably accommodate?
  • Which building structure best fits our organisational structure?
  • What construction measures would create more efficient workflows?

What investors and owners absolutely want to know

As part of our overall view, we develop solutions which leave no questions unanswered but create new options. The result is modular office concepts which can be used to meet your needs easily and cost effectively, even should these needs change or expand.

Count on the best


The numbers are what count the most. That’s why we place them in the centre of our considerations. That applies to our feasibility studies and our concrete, DIN-compliant cost tracking as much as it does to precise benchmarks (costs per workspace or m2). Just as open as the rooms and a clear as the room air: Konoa concepts, whose effective standards tap into enormous cost-cutting potential. This is how you can often reduce the amount of soundproofing and the number of doors without losing their benefits for users. This is how you can generally amortise your investment costs within the contracted rental term even when you undertake extensive expansion measures.

As advantageous as intended

Project planning

Konoa handles your expansion planning as skilfully as concept development. We’ll accompany you according to predefined targets and standards or one of our specialist planners will coordinate issues such as room acoustics, climate and interior design by trade – appropriately in terms of subject, time and costs.

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