Even office properties have to perform well. They’re expected to offer freedom and comfort, facilitate communication, be flexible in use and naturally keep a cap on costs. How do you achieve this? Leave small, individual offices behind and embrace open room structures. That’s a good beginning, but not a fundamental solution.

For starters, every reconstruction measure means lots of effort, along with scratches, dirt, costs and downtime. On top of that, the new openness of the rooms exacerbates an old problem employees have: noise in the workplace. Noise is a nuisance which makes it hard to concentrate, has a negative impact on health and consequently on the success of the company. Konoa offers solutions which counter this, providing openness, lots of room and effective use of the space while also protecting users from acoustic stress... and all of this without high reconstruction or operating costs. The best of both worlds.

Our room optimisation products

Acoustic solutions

For all newly built, reconstructed or revitalised properties in your portfolio: highly functional products and system components at refreshingly low costs which introduce light, air, tranquillity and new possibilities for room division into the office. We look forward to presenting them to you.

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